Infidelity Counseling Tampa

Infidelity Counseling

Cheating on your partner or being betrayed puts much strain on a relationship. 

While dealing with an affair is the leading cause of breakups and divorce, infidelity counseling in Tampa can make couples come out stronger than before.

Yet when you betray someone or are betrayed, it does not always mean the end of that relationship.

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Sometimes affairs happen because one partner feels neglected or wants to boost their ego with multiple partners.

With affair counseling, you can investigate the cause of the affair and understand why it happened to help rebuild your trust in your partner.

With the proper guidance, it can help make your relationship stronger than before and help improve your communication to understanding.


“My husband and I worked hard over the years to keep our marriage alive and both worked long shifts to keep the household going. Unfortunately we did some things along the way and one was swinging. My husband became very fond of one of the couples wifes we met up with. But we knew that we still loved each other even if he started feeling more about our friends wife. I felt betrayed as I never stepped over that line. We both went for affair counseling and worked through the problems and today we have ended this madness to concentrate on our relationship."

- Debra Lewis (Tampa)

What Impact Does an Affair Have?

When an affair occurs, it leads to mental health issues and insecurities for both parties.

From a mental health view, being cheated on negatively leads to low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, distress, poor work performance, PTSD, and insomnia.

Furthermore, it can cause those cheated on to engage in high-risk behaviors.

Even for the betrayer, there are adverse mental effects from guilt, depression, and anxiety as the affair continues.

When you want to remain in a relationship after infidelity, you find an increase in tension and arguments taking place. There are insecurities, and speaking with an infidelity counselor in Tampa can help both partners deal with the problems.

Couples learn new coping skills that help them to communicate effectively.

Infidelity Counseling Tampa FL 33605

Can a Marriage or Relationship Survive an Affair?

Many couples experiencing infidelity have survived the experience when taking constructive steps. Together you rebuild your relationship, but it takes hard work. So, getting guidance from an infidelity counselor helps when you need it the most.

Still, how can infidelity counseling in Tampa help after an affair? At Marriage Counseling of Tampa, we can help you to overcome infidelity in different ways:

  • We help with communication as it is very beneficial at this time as we provide a space without any distractions. Even if you reach a point where you feel you do not need the sessions anymore, it helps to have a weekly time to get things off the chest and have vital discussions to help strengthen the relationship.
  • Furthermore, we provide helpful methods to handle your disagreements constructively.
  • You will get tips on how to deal with past issues and move forward in a healthy relationship.
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Why Do You Need Infidelity Counseling After an Affair?

Infidelity counseling can benefit both partners if they want to remain together and rebuild their relationship but find it difficult to achieve.

With affair counseling, you can understand why you or your partner cheated. In addition, it helps both partners to know where they stand and how to work together to overcome their insecurities.

It also helps to handle conflict in a more constructive yet calmer way. Clear communication helps in heated arguments and will not damage the relationship further.

Infidelity counseling with Marriage Counseling Tampa will help you recognize when discussions become heated, and you learn ways to diffuse it.

Lastly, it helps you to understand each other's perspectives to build a healthy relationship after an affair, whether you remain together or decide to go your separate ways.

Contact us today to help you after an affair to decide whether you want to rebuild the relationship or move on.

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