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Grief Counseling

There is nothing more painful than losing a loved one. Yet some people are lucky to experience this feeling only later in life, falling victim to grief. 

Still, no matter when it happens, it can leave you feeling hopeless, angry, confused, or with many other emotions. Some people struggle to focus at work or cannot sleep when grief remains present.


For some people, the feelings of loss pass but for others, it can hurt their life. For this reason, it helps to work with a grief counselor to learn to cope without the loved one lost.

But grief is not only about losing someone to death. Grief comes in many forms, from losing a job, a pet, or even something close to the heart.

If you have recently gone through grief or any other form of loss, please consider contacting Marriage Counseling of Tampa for grief counseling.

Our therapists can help guide and support you through this challenging time to help ease the grieving process. Schedule a grief counseling session with just today.

“My son was in a car accident and ended up in ICU. Things went so well but we lost him. I was so devistated and it took a huge toll on my love as I became so depressed. My husband scheduled an appointment for grief counseling for both of us. I have now come to terms with my loss but he will always be with me in my memories."

- Leona Knox (West Tampa)

Grief: What does it feel like?

When you lose a partner, child, close friend, or family member, it feels as if your entire world falls apart. The same can happen when you lose a pet or your job. A fact is that it can kickstart different emotions.

These can include confusion, anger, despair, and guilt. When you experience all of these emotions at once, managing them is difficult. This is where grief counseling in Tampa makes a huge difference.

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For many people, grief can feel as if their world is ending, as they feel hopeless and unbearable daily. Still, it depends on each person and how close the loved one was.

Regardless of your experience, grief counseling can help as therapists have the skills to experience to help you process the feelings to heal.

Do You Need Grief Counseling? 

Counseling is for you no matter what grief you have losing a loved one. Maybe you do not feel you need it, but it does not mean it will not benefit you. For each person, grief is different, but you do go through five stages as follows:

  1. First, there is a denial of receiving the news of a passing, losing a job, or even moving to another place. Hence, in this stage, you may deny what is happening to you. But, then, you do everything to confront the reality.
  2. Depending on the loss, anger will kick in, especially if it is a loved one, and negative emotions can fill your mind as you lash out with rage, trying to avoid the pain.
  3. Then comes regret and remorse, the bargaining stage, and you think about what you could or should have done before it became too late.
  4. For some, depression can kick in as the painful emotions keep flooding the mind and taking over your life. Therefore, it is imperative to lean on others for support now.
  5. Lastly, accept death or lose your job and make peace with it. At this time, you can start to focus on moving forward with your life.

Can you relate to any of the above stages? Maybe you relate to the emotions of grief. We recommend you talk to one of our grief counselors today. They will help you work through the stage of grief with the best support.

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Schedule Grief Counseling at Marriage Counseling Tampa

Grief counseling at Marriage Counseling of Tampa will help you process your loss. However, you need not go through this challenging time alone. Still, grief counseling unfolds differently for each person based on their needs.

Whether you need individual or family grief counseling, we can help you reach acknowledgment to accept the situation. This often confronts difficult emotions like anger, guilt, and sadness.

You will also learn to accept while working through your challenges to recover and move on with your life. If you have lost someone dear or something close to you, please consider grief counseling with us.

We can provide you with support and guidance to get through this challenging time. Schedule an appointment for grief counseling in Tampa today!

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